Yep . . . Still here!

Hey blog world!  It's been quite a while since my last post.  I have been torn about my blog recently, so instead of figuring it out, I just went on a little hiatus.  At times I wonder why I write on this blog. Mostly I have been writing about Turner, but I am convicted about this blog being more than just a "mommy blog."  I know it can be annoying to ONLY hear about a new mom's baby.  But at the same time, that is my LIFE right now.  24/7 I am Mom.  So it is a hard thing to balance.

So I have been taking a little break and have been pleasantly surprised to have had a good number of people comment about how I haven't blogged in a while.  Honestly, it has made me feel good because I feel like people actually care to read about what is going on in our lives, no matter how mundane and repetitive (or baby overload) it can seem.

I have realized recently how much I am forgetting about this first year of Turner's life.  People will ask me questions about Turner from a few months ago and I sometimes have a hard time remembering the details.  So, as much as this blog is for my readers, it is also for me... to have a written account of my sweet boy teaching me how to become a momma.

BUT I also want to share recipes, articles, photography, music, and anything else that I feel compelled to pass along to you.  So, here I am... back at it again and am trying to have fresh perspective about my little corner of the internet.

So, here we go 2013.  Fresh start.  Perspective.  A recharging of Everyday English!

     Photo by Dennis Farris

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