Pot Roast

So, Jesse and I were both sick the past few days (thankfully Turner didn't get sick!) so I wanted to make some yummy terrible for you comfort food to warm us up and make us feel better!  One of the first things that came to mind was pot roast.  I usually make it in the crock pot, but recently the hubs has had an aversion to crock pot food.  He feels like most things made in the crock pot all taste the same.  I think he is kinda crazy, but I ventured out there on the internetz to find a roast recipe that was not made in the grand ole crock pot.  Whoa.  I sure am glad that I did!  The first place that I looked was the Pioneer Woman's website because everything I have ever made of hers has been great. I took one look at the recipe and knew this would be yummy.  

Here is the recipe.

My review:
I loved how simple the ingredients were.  Roast, beef stock, salt, pepper, carrots, onions, rosemary, thyme. 
At first, I thought "where are the potatoes??" but I agree with her that leaving them out and just doing mashed potatoes on the side is waayy better. 
Even though you had to brown the veggies and the meat, it was just as simple as a crock pot.
The flavors were simply wonderful together and the carrots and onions were perfect.

I know, I know... its just a roast.  But this is a dang good one.  If you are up for giving the crock pot a rest one Sunday, I highly recommend this recipe! 

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