I want to be a Landscape Architect

So, raise your hand if you think being a landscape architect means, someone who knows a lot about grass, or if you think it means planning someone's yard.

If so, this may blow your mind.  Although there are people in the landscape business who do those things very well, landscape architecture is something so much more than that.  Jesse works so hard every day in his major and I want all of you to get a better understanding of what he is working towards.

We sometimes say that Jesse getting laid off was a blessing.... because although he found himself in a field that he enjoyed, he was in a position that wasn't challenging him creatively and one that didn't ignite his passions.  As hard as that time was in our lives and in our marriage, I could not imagine us being anywhere else right now than at Mississippi State in Starkville, MS.  I know I have blogged a lot recently about MSU, but I truly am grateful for the Lord's hand in our life and for the place that he has brought us right now.  We are about a year away from the next step in our life together, and who knows where that will take us.  We could still be here in Starkville for all we know!  As scary as it can be, I have no reason not to trust in the Lord and in His plan for us!

In the meantime, if you are interested in getting a good idea of the field that Jesse has thrown himself into 100%, check out this video!


Alumni Recruiting Network

Hey Bulldog Alumni - check out my friend Stacey's post on being a part of the Alumni Recruiting Network HERE!  If you find some extra time on your hands and want to help recruit students from your area to MSU, let us know!  We would love to have you as part of our team.

Grind for your STATE!


Bulldog Country

These past few days have been very eventful and filled to the brim with MSU!  This weekend was Super Bulldog Weekend - one of the best weekends in the Spring, if you ask me.  It's such a fun time to be on campus, watch some baseball, eat some crawfish, MSU ice cream, and finish the night with the Maroon and White spring football game.  Mom and Dad came to town to visit and attend the festivities.  We started the day Saturday with the one and only City Bagel, then headed out to Dudy Noble.  Unfortunately, we lost the baseball game, but the good news was that we would definitely win the spring football game.  :)  

One of the most unique experiences at MSU is left field lounge at Dudy Noble.  It is truly unique in college baseball, and has enabled the grounds to be named the "#1 place to watch college baseball" and among the "100 things you gotta do before you graduate" by Sports Illustrated.  In 2009 the Left Field Lounge was named "the country's best tailgaiting experience" (among all venues and sports) by ESPN Magazine.  (Sorry, random Roadrunner fact.)  But really, it is awesome.  Here is an example of one of the rigs out in left field lounge:

Just imagine all of the creative set ups parked along the back wall overlooking the outfield.

After the unfortunate loss and a sunburn, we took off to Davis Wade Stadium for the spring game.  For the one game of the whole year, we got to sit on the West side, which means NO SUN in your face!  It was fun to see what is in store for football season this fall with this guy leading the way.

I actually ran into him on Friday in the Union and snagged a photo:

Overall, it was a great weekend, which led to the start of the week hosting over 1,000 people on campus for Honors Orientation.  

This was my first Orientation session to work and I definitely got a taste of what the month of June will be like this summer.  Although it made for a long day, it was SO awesome to see families that I have met with and students that I have recruited show up on campus for Orientation. I love to see students fall in love with MSU!  One student in particular from Georgia gave me a big hug when she left and said how she is so ready to be here in August.  That makes everything so worth it!  To quote the famous YouTube video, "Is this real life???"  And I know I'm going to sound cheesy (as I already have) but it's weekends like Super Bulldog Weekend that get me even more pumped up about my job as an Admissions Counselor.  This is what I am recruiting students to be a part of - The Bulldog Family. I have the best job ever, hands down.   

On a side note, I seriously need this mug.  My life seems to be covered with dog hair right now.  Maggie is shedding her winter undercoat like CRAZY right now!  I sweep the house (wood floors) at least one time a day and it looks like I haven't swept in weeks each time.  Definitely ready for this time of major shedding to be over with!  


Spring Cleaning

The blog has undergone some spring cleaning on this beautiful spring day of thunderstorms. It pays to have a husband with skilz. Hope you like it!  Makes me feel so fresh and so clean clean.  If you like, share the love!

Mr. English

In need of a good spring music mix?  My husband has a knack for good music and making mixtapes.  He has revived an old blog and will be posting about music, mostly and whatever else comes to mind.  The mixtape he has featured now, "welcome, spring"is in honor of Laura O. Zumwalt who has been requesting one for a while.  Check it out!!  You can either stream it live or download it to your computer for later listening.

Also, in need of some quotes or good reads, check out his tumblr, here.

I am so blessed to have such a creative, smart, and HOTT husband.  :)  Love you, Jesse!



How could I forget about Friday night???

Alex, Kelley, Jesse, and I met up with Casey and Laura in Tuscaloosa to see:

Band of Horses

The Avett Brothers

The Tuscaloosa Amphitheater

and it was AWESOME.  This was the first show at this venue and other than some sound issues at first, it was a GREAT show!  Band of Horses and The Avett Brothers are both so great and so entertaining.    I love these bands even more after seeing them live. If you EVER have the chance to see either of them, I highly recommend it!  

Also, people watching at concerts is also fun.  We were surrounded by: the couple very "in love" (or maybe just really into each other), the older couple that really sticks out (where it was very obvious the wife wanted to be there and the husband wanted to be anywhere else), the very annoying Alabama fans (but I mean, we were in Tuscaloosa, so that is to be expected), the two girls that new every word to every song who jumped the whole time (complete with mom next to them, who also knew all the words), and the couple who seemed to have just broken up (awkward).  

I have been listening to the Avett Brothers almost non stop since I got home.  I guess that's the sign of a good concert!  If you don't know who they or Band of Horses are, go get their albums NOW!  
You won't regret it.


This weekend we had the chance to celebrate 75 years of Chi Omega at Mississippi State!  I am very proud to have been a Chi O in the Phi Delta chapter.  I was so blessed to be a part of a great pledge class and to have made some of the best friends I could have possibly made.  It was such a fun day!  Chi O was founded at MSU in 1936 and there was a member from the very first pledge class there today!  The next time we all get together like this will be at the 100th anniversary - and I will be almost 50. Wow.  

Look what I found on our table!

For Mary:

Real Chi Omega sisters.

Love this face!

Just a group of roommates from Junior year living in the house. 

Meet Laura Cooper Tennant.  Laura was my roommate 3 years in college and my maid of honor in my wedding.  I have lived in some majorly small places with this girl (including the Chi O house).  College would not have been the same without her sweet, solid friendship.  Love you, sweet Laura.

After the anniversary banquet, Jesse and I met up with some of our other friends from college for a wedding shower for John and Jay Windham and their brides to be.  It was great to catch up and eat some dang good catfish!  It's so good to be around this group of guys.  It just seems so right when everyone is back together again.  

The night ended back at 325 just hanging out and enjoying good conversation.  We are SO BLESSED to have such great friends from college.  We are so thankful for all of our friends and for what they each mean to us.  You have all played a role in making Jesse and I who we are individually, as well as who we are as a married couple.  Thank you for your friendship and love over the years.  

We love you!
-Jesse and AC