I want to be a Landscape Architect

So, raise your hand if you think being a landscape architect means, someone who knows a lot about grass, or if you think it means planning someone's yard.

If so, this may blow your mind.  Although there are people in the landscape business who do those things very well, landscape architecture is something so much more than that.  Jesse works so hard every day in his major and I want all of you to get a better understanding of what he is working towards.

We sometimes say that Jesse getting laid off was a blessing.... because although he found himself in a field that he enjoyed, he was in a position that wasn't challenging him creatively and one that didn't ignite his passions.  As hard as that time was in our lives and in our marriage, I could not imagine us being anywhere else right now than at Mississippi State in Starkville, MS.  I know I have blogged a lot recently about MSU, but I truly am grateful for the Lord's hand in our life and for the place that he has brought us right now.  We are about a year away from the next step in our life together, and who knows where that will take us.  We could still be here in Starkville for all we know!  As scary as it can be, I have no reason not to trust in the Lord and in His plan for us!

In the meantime, if you are interested in getting a good idea of the field that Jesse has thrown himself into 100%, check out this video!

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  1. I watched this video, and I thought it was pretty good! Also, I got a lot of views on my blog from your blog! It's exciting! I miss y'all for sure!
    And I really like the new look, too!