Quick Update

I hate that I have not had much time to blog this month!  Orientation really is taking over my life.  We are about to start our last week - beginning with a Counselor Dinner tonight followed by our last Freshman session Monday and Tuesday and our last Transfer session on Wednesday. What is getting me through this month?  Well its these people in this picture.  Some of the biggest blessings in my job are these people you see below.  It's very rare when all of us are together for any amount of time, due to our recruiting territories, but it always fun and interesting when we are! We are so excited about the class that will be joining the Bulldog Family this fall.  Missing you, Megan and Matt!

MSU Admissions Counselors

Where has June gone??  We have anticipated this time of the summer for a while, and it is about to be over.  Crazy.  I'm sorry that this month has caused me to be a distant friend...  I'll be back very soon! I'm definitely looking forward to what July will bring - a roommate!  Kelley is moving in for the month before she heads off to become an adult and teach English to the 7th graders of New Albany, MS. Today I'm working on getting the guest room cleaned out and ready for her to move in.

Awaiting me at the end of this week is the English Family 4th of July trip to North Georgia!  On Friday, Kelley, Trae, and I will pack up and meet the rest of the family at a lake in Ellijay.  I am so excited to see Jesse and hang with the fam.  There most definitely will be a fun post with pictures from the long weekend!

Until then...  :)


June - Survival Month

So, June is officially almost halfway over.  Really?  June brings many changes to my life - and its almost half way over??  This will be a short post, but just wanted to catch you up on what is going on in the English household.

It seems like it was just yesterday that Jesse was headed to North Carolina... and he has gone again, but this time to Atlanta. He is pumped about going to all the Braves games! He is at an internship this summer in downtown Atlanta for the National Park Service and is living in the Decatur area.  I wasn't able to help move him in because of the other thing June brings to my life - MSU Orientation.  We have already completed 2 sessions, with another one beginning on Thursday. By the end of June, we will have completed 7 sessions. Whew.  It has been really cool to see my students at Orientation!

More to come later - until then, I wanted to share the best recipe that I have ever found for Oatmeal Raisin cookies.  Jesse and I made these a few weeks ago and I can't get them off of my mind.  Follow every step. Including whipping the butter and sugars for 5 minutes - I've never done it that long, normally until it is just combined - but it's worth it!  http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2010/10/oatmeal-raisin-cookies-recipe-flour/


Happy Birthday, Maggie!

I know a lot of my posts end up being about my favorite pooch... but this one is special!  Our Magnolia Mae is 1 year old today!  We went to Madison to visit with my parents for the weekend.  She had a very eventful birthday weekend.  As usual, there are many pictures to go along with the story.  

Last weekend we celebrated Memorial Day with Jesse's family and had to board her, so she was really excited this weekend once she realized she was getting to go with us.  

We woke up Saturday morning to spend the entire day on the lake. Maggie was quickly a big fan of riding on a boat.  

Jesse caught a bass...

...and I caught a catfish!

Which we ate for lunch today. Yummy!


After fishing and riding, it was time to get in the water. (By the way, why is June already so hot this year???????)  A dip in the lake was very refreshing - and we finally convinced Maggie that being a lab means that you must be a waterdog.  We tried to get her to swim back in November, but she was not a fan...  So, after some coersion, in she went!  She made a b-line to my Dad who was chillin on a raft and immediately climbed aboard to safety.  

Here's a video!  At this point, she still wasn't too sure about it and was ready to be back in the boat... as you will see.

But once she got used to it, she loved swimming and sitting on the rafts!

Surfing Dog!

After a great weekend in the Brick City, we made it back to Starkville for a birthday dinner with Aunt Kelley and Trae, who brought a gift!  Every lab needs a duck toy.

Overall, I think she had an excellent first birthday.  She is absolutely pooped now that she is home.  And so it is time for bed. Goodnight!