Cox Farms

Yesterday, a friend and I joined a group of other moms for a trip to Cox Farms in Centreville, VA.  We had a 45 minute drive to get there, so we loaded the boys up and hit the road.  There was so much going on there... farm animals, games, kettle corn, apple cider, pumpkins, etc.  It would be a really fun place to bring small kids that could run around and play!  We decided to bring the kids' halloween costume for some pictures.  I have a lot of cute pictures of all of the kiddos sitting together... there was the cutest duck in the world :), a goldfish, a spider, a bunny, and a monkey.  So cute!  I wanted to post a picture of all of them sitting together, but I'm not sure how some of the moms feel about posting their kid's photo on the internet, so just think in your head how cute it would be to see the dressed up babies.  

I'm not totally sure how Jesse feels about dressing up Turner in tights, but whatever, it's all for the costume.  Thanks, Mimi, for the cutest duck costume! 

We left with a small pumpkin and fun memories!  Looking forward to doing things like this for years to come!

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