playing on the bed

I am very thankful for days at home where just doing the ordinary can be fun and memorable.  Today, however, is NOT one of those days... Turner has woken up well before the sun the past two mornings and has really tested my patience. He has been one whiny kid.  It's exhausting.

I wanted to post this to remind myself that there are really fun days at home!  The other day while I was doing laundry, Turner was playing on the bed after I took the sheets off to wash. 

I was putting clothes away while he was playing... and after a little while of it being way too quiet, this is what I find! This was the first time he has fallen asleep anywhere other than his crib/pack and play, carseat, stroller, or (as a baby) on me. I could NOT believe it when I turned around and there he was just a snoozin' (and snoring).

Such a cutie! I moved him to his room where he continued his nap while I finished with the laundry.  I am so thankful for this little guy and for him adding some fun to the normalcy of life MOST days.

Although this morning was really trying, Turner is taking a great nap right now before we head to the doctor to check on baby brother/sister! And me? I got a shower and just got pizza delivered. The day is looking up.  :)


  1. Sweetest thing ever!!!

    Is that your own bedding or is the place in Portland furnished? I love it!

  2. Its ours! We had to bring our own sheets and stuff out here. Its a duvet cover we got from ikea a few years ago! Glad you like it!

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