McIntyre Ridge Trail -- or so we thought...

A few weekends ago, we decided to go on another hike - this time to the McIntyre Ridge Trail near Mt. Hood.  
Most any day of the week this is how our mornings begin.  Maggie loves her morning snuggles. HA! We got up, had breakfast, got ready, played with some bubbles, and we were on our way!

We were just cruising along, following the map, turned off of the main road and followed the route to the trailhead when all of a sudden this is what we saw:

Really? Snow?? The high was like 70 degrees that day!  I guess we are still getting used to living somewhere with high elevations.  (You can actually go skiing on Mt. Hood all year round.) We were really disappointed, but we got out, let Maggie and Turner run around and explore a bit, then we regrouped.

Jesse found a nice county park with a creek and some hiking trails just down the road a bit, so we loaded back up and went on our way.  We had a picnic lunch where we all shared sandwiches, pretzels, and golfish. :)


This trail was really flat and wide, so it was a great place for Turner to have his first hike where he was actually walking. He did ride in the pack for the harder part of the hike, but it was fun to let him start out walking around himself. Our pace was a lot slower, but it was so fun to watch him explore creation... he wanted to stop and touch EVERYTHING. 

He lead us down a path to the creek and immediately just walked straight out into the water!  It was FREEZING but he loved it!  Seriously... such a boy. 

So what does a dad do in this situation?  Give his son his first lesson in how to skip rocks, of course!

These guys stood here and threw rocks into the water for about 30 minutes, while Maggie ran in trying to get them. It was awesome.  There's just something so relaxing about being out in nature with your family... away from all technology, all the stress and worries of the world, and just, you know, through rocks into a slow moving creek.

We are so happy to have Maggie with us out here.  She is such an adventurous dog and such a fun companion for us and playmate for Turner.

The next day we tried out our first church here where Turner got his very first skinned knee while playing outside on the playground.  Sorry, as first time parents, we had to document it. Sweet little baby skin, no more! :(

After church we had a brunch-y lunch at Costello's Travel Cafe just down the road and then after naptime, spent the afternoon at a local park.

We are having the BEST weekends out here.  We are loving having so many places to go see and explore! I am literally living for the weekends these days. 

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  1. These pictures are great! There really are so many cool places to explore in Oregon. And by the way, we did go skiing on Mt. Hood in JULY a couple summers ago and it was such a fun day... We said it was probably going to be a "once in a lifetime experience" bc I don't know where else in America you could do that! Y'all should do it!