pack your bags!

So, back to some baby talk. You always hear people say to pack your hospital bags about a month in advance so you are ready at any moment to load up the car and head to the hospital. Well, I started to pack our bags multiple times just to find most of what I was needing in the bag were things that I need on a daily basis.

A few weeks before my due date, I did have a bag started, along with a list of what I needed to pack in the "oh my gosh, we've got to get to the hospital right now" moment. I am a list maker - without one I am lost.

So, here's my hospital bag list(s)!

- comfy/cute pajamas
- a robe
- slippers or flip flops (depending on time of year) for walking around hospital - maybe socks as well?
- nursing sleep bras - to wear all day, not just at night (don't forget your granny panties!)
- lanolin and nursing pads (at this point the pads are really just to keep the lanolin off your nursing bra.. they will really come in handy later)
- toiletries
- hairdryer
- makeup
-hair ties and/or headband
- clothes for the ride home - keep in mind, you will still look about 6 (ish) months pregnant. (You may want to bring comfy pants and a nursing tank for during your stay in case you get tired of being in the hospital robe or pajamas... or maybe that was just me)
- cell phone with charger

- toiletries
- comfy clothes
- cell phone with charger

- car seat correctly installed in car
- going home outfit - from experience, make sure it is easy to get on.  don't pick the most complicated thing... even if it is the cutest.
- diapers and wipes - they will provide these at the hospital - you are paying for it, so take them! I packed Turner's whole diaper bag and never used any of it. (But some hospitals may not provide these- check and see!)
- extra baby clothes - the hospital put Turner in these cute white soft diaper tees, so he just wore those along with being swaddled all the time

- wallet with drivers license, insurance cards, etc.
- laptop with charger - for music, uploading photos, announcing the birth to the world, etc
- camera with batteries
-video camera - but we just used our phones
- snacks!
- gum
- baby book for handprints/footprints and guest/visitor messages - I got everyone who came to visit to sign the baby book
- your bed pillows - and a comfy blanket for your husband
- bath towels - just my opinion... the hospital towels we had were terrible
- journal - if you are planning to jot down first thoughts.  I guess you could bring this instead of the baby book and transfer it all over later

Anyone have anything to add?

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