It's been one of those weeks...

...one of those really challenging weeks.  After a great weekend, Sunday night hit and Turner decided to stop sleeping.  He turned into a newborn again and was waking every few hours.  He spent the next 3 days fussing, drooling, chewing on everything, and again not sleeping... naps or nighttime.  At first we thought it was due to teething, but we haven't seen any pearly whites yet, so who knows? I guess only time will tell. Thankfully he decided to go back to his old self when he woke up Thursday morning... who knows why, maybe it was something I did differently, or maybe he just figured it out on his own.  We are working on a consistent schedule now so hopefully things will continue to get better.  He napping very well, is so happy, and slept through the entire night last night! Thanks to those of you who listened to me complain, cry, and who helped me figure out what to do.  It's hard being a first time momma!  I definitely lived up to that title this week with our struggles.

Now, its a dark, rainy Friday, and I have a napping baby and one of my favorite things... a Capri Blue Volcano candle lit.  It's a very nice afternoon in our little apartment on our quiet street.  After a long, hard week, this is just what I needed....refreshing rain, a quiet apartment, and my lit candle.

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