So, having a baby will certainly take a toll on a body. No secret there. I'm trying to get back to feeling like my old self again... Or maybe a better version of my old self, because let's be honest... My old self could use some work! I'm 7 lbs less than my pre-baby weight, but things aren't just as they used to be.

So, here's my challenge to myself. I'm putting it on the blog because I want to put it out there... If I never publicized my challenge, then I wouldn't have any accountability! I want to find something to do everyday. Whether its going for a walk, going for a run, doing a Jillian video, mom and baby yoga... Just something. I definitely have the time to do something. We all do.

Jesse is "lucky" and walks a little over 2 miles a day with his commute. Maybe I should walk with him to and from the train station everyday. Then I would be doubling his workout. Boo yah. We'll see. I just want to challenge myself and all of you to move everyday. It's about health. It's about feeling good.

If you have any ideas or have a routine of your own, let me hear it! In the words of my new neighbor, "Let's Move!"



  1. Since we moved to Boston, it has been so much easier to add exercise into our days. We both got bikes, we walk so much more because it's just how city living is! I love it!
    I think walking to and from the train with Jesse is a great idea! I have also really loved the Nike Training app on my iPhone. I use it during nap time to do a full workout or a targeted area workout. I just do it on a yoga mat. It talks to you and is like having a personal trainer!

  2. Are there any gyms nearby? I've gotten addicted to an Abs class that happens twice a week; we go religiously and the accountability is so wonderful! I can send you some of her exercises if you're motivated to do it at home (I am not...). Go you AC! You could always teach Pilates...your class was my favorite!

  3. Thanks for your comments! I always get so excited when I see I have comments.

    Ashley, we can't wait to go on bike rides! I think we have to wait until Turner is a year old before he can ride along to... I need to do some more research, but when that day comes, it will be so fun! We do walk a lot more than we did. It's so nice to have places to go just down the street! I've heard of the Nike Training app... I'll have to check it out!

    Becca, there is a pilates studio down the road! There is a class called Mommy and Me pilates and I definitely want to check it out. It has been 4 YEARS since I have taught a pilates class (except for those few at church), so I think I need to brush up first. Maybe I can start teaching at that studio at some point.

    Miss both of you girls! Thanks again for the comments!

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