5 months

Hey little guy - you turned 5 months old yesterday!  I can't believe how fast you are growing and changing.  Your next doctors appointment is still a month away, but my rough estimates are that you are 28 inches long and weigh 18 lbs.  You are a BIG BOY.  Everyone comments on how big you are and can't believe you are 5 months old.  You are really close to sitting up by yourself!  You are so active and are very interested in toys and love reaching for and holding things.  You can pass things from one hand to the other, and actually use your toes like a monkey to grab things too.  You love to have your head upside down.  You have found your voice and love to use it.  Your dad thinks you are trying to really talk to us, but it will be months and months before you will be able to put words together.  You started eating rice cereal last week, but we're going to wait until you are almost 6 months to do veggies and fruits.  You are sleeping through the night and are napping very well, which I LOVE... you have finally learned how to put yourself to sleep at both nap time and bedtime.  You smile all the time and laugh, especially when dad comes home from work.  We think that you may have started the teething process because you are drooling a lot and are always putting things in your mouth... your favorite being your own fingers. You love bath time and your massage you get afterwards.  You had your first playtime with other babies at the library yesterday and you loved it.  You still fuss and fuss at times, but you have gotten so much better about that.  We love you big boy.  Happy 5 months!

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