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I do believe that I am WAY over due for a photo update!  After busy weekends, I can't wait to share fun photos on the blog, but then Monday rolls around and work gets busy, and then I'm out of town for work, and then before I know it, another week has passed and I'm on to another weekend. While I am happy that the days are so busy and are flying by, its time to catch you up on what I have been up to!

Chattannooga/Cleveland, TN
A few weekends ago, Jesse and I met up in Cleveland to visit my sister, brother-in-law and neice as well as to see each other! 

Hanging out in Chattanooga:

If you know the joke about us getting a great dane, then you'll know why it was funny that we ran into a statue of one that day!

Art Museum

Awesome wall of mirrors!  We played in front of this like little kids!

The next day we went to Fall Creek Falls, got some hiking in and saw some beautiful waterfalls!

Ashlyn looking at the waterfall

Madison, MS
Here are a few photos from Anna's bridal shower at my parent's house a few weekends ago:

Mary's presentation skills:

Some food favorites:
Fruit with dip (strawberry cream cheese, marshmellow cream and cool whip!)

Cheesecake bites (original, turtle, and raspberry swirl)

Mini BLT bites (cracker, mayo, bacon, green onions, parm, parsley, tomato, cracked pepper)

The girls!

Greenwood, MS
I only have one picture from this but last week I got to spend one day at the Viking Cooking School! We held a healthy cooking class called "The Other Side of Fried."  I honestly think my dream job would be to teach cooking classes here!  I have some amazing recipes that we taught at the class.  Maybe I'll put them on here some day!

Gulf Shores, AL
This past weekend, I visited Gulf Shores for the Moon Face Gang Reunion.  We had an amazing time visiting with family!  Here are pics of some of my favorite people in the world!

Meet Ashlyn-  She is a fun little girl that never stops! She loves her cousins and wanted to spend every moment of the weekend with them. She loves flowers and her Nana.  She is 3 and belongs to Kristian and George.

Meet Hamilton- Hamilton is the most responsible kid I know!  He is always concerned about what he is doing next, loves soccer, and played in the lagoon the entire weekend!  He is 8 (almost 9) and belongs to Jennifer and Travis.

Meet Price-  Price is a fun loving kid with the cutest smile in the world.  Price lost 2 teeth over the weekend!  One in the meat dept at Wal-Mart (eww) and one at Gran and Grandy's.  Price loves baseball and was content swimming the pool all weekend.  He is 7 and belongs to Jennifer and Travis.

Meet John Taylor-  JT has the most beautiful blonde curly hair in the world.  He has the cutest personality and also loves baseball.  He and Grandy invented their own little game of baseball in the pool  and played constantly.  John Taylor is 3 (almost 4) and belongs to Jennifer and Travis.

And finally here's one of the group with Nana/Gran and Grandy.  Mom is Nana to Ashlyn and Gran to the boys.  Grandy is Grandy to all!  They are the best grandparents!

If you are still hanging around, thanks!  I hope to do a better job of keeping things updated. :)

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