New Project = New Hobby= New Career Move??

So, this all started Friday when Mary and I got all nostalgic... we were looking through old pics and came across some of our favs from spring break Junior year.  We decided to print these for ourselves and frame them... aren't they cute?

So, then while sitting at Sonic enjoying our sparking strawberry lemonades (1/2 off - happy hour!!) we decided to spend our afternoon enhancing our craft skills!  We decided to create a cute way to display our jewelry.  

Step 1: Choose a picture frame, get rid of the glass and backing, pick a paint color and GO!

Make sure the paint is very dry before moving on to the next steps!

Step 2:  Cut screen to size and place on the back side of the frame.

**Caution we had to use a staple gun (thanks Jesse!) to apply the screen.**

First time staple gun user!!!

And make sure to get our your glamour hammer to ensure that the staples are in place.  ;)

Trim the edges of the screen to fit.

Step 3:  Use a drill (thanks Jesse!) with caution, and with a very small bit, drill holes along the bottom of the frame.

Then screw hooks in place for necklaces!

Step 4:  Apply wall hanger to the back.

Now we are ready for the next steps!

Step 5:  Choose beads for decoration.

Using a hot glue gun (with caution), glue the beads to the frame however you like!

Finished product:

And voila!  A cute, handmade way to display your jewlery!

New Project = New Hobby = New Career Move?  What do YOU think???

Love AC and Mary


  1. LOVE IT! I would love to make one for myself, but there is no way mine wouldn't turn out as cute. Well done, girls.

  2. Such a super cute idea! I love it! Now, run & make me one. Put it on my tab, please. :)