I found myself reading a random blog today and wanted to share this blogger's perspective on friendship. After graduating, getting married and moving away, Jesse and I thought we had everything together and were starting our lives in Birmingham. What a surprise to find ourselves back in Starkville again. This surprising past year has been such a blessing to us -- and to me especially due to my friends. I feel like I was graciously given one more year of precious time with friends nearby... ones in Starkville and ones who are close enough to visit. I look back so happily at the unexpected blessings the Lord gave me this extra year.

Now, there are many things that are getting me through this upcoming week -- of course Jesse's return and a puppy, but ALSO the celebration of a wedding!!! Anna Crain and John Clemmer are tying the knot this Saturday and I am so excited! So looking forward to celebrating with them and the gigantic reunion that the wedding will bring! I'll leave you with the blurb from the blog that started all of this nostalgia... and a video - trust me, you dont want to miss it.

"Friends, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. Some friends bring a bellyache full of laughter while some bring a soothing word that will calm most any trauma. Some bring a scripture during a time of hardship or stress while others simply allow you to vent and sometimes join in. Some offer a soft cushy shoulder to cry on while others may offer a little bony shoulder to lean on. Some bring a meal over when you are down or sick while others lift you up in prayer. Some call you weekly to check up while you may see others once a year but it seems like you've been together the whole time. No matter what kind of friend you have...they are special.

Friendships are a precious gift from God."

Ok, so please don't kill me for posting this video -- it makes me really happy!!!

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  1. anna catherine price english!! i can't believe you posted that video!! hahahhaahaaaaa wonderful memories from another wedding- the page wedding! i can't wait to see you this weekend! love love love