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Hello again!  So, a few weeks ago I did a little blurb about the idea of running a half marathon.  Well, almost 4 weeks later, I am well into my training!  Well, kinda.  Although the final goal is a half marathon, I can't think about that yet! (Seriously, I cannot even imagine running for over 2 hours straight.... seriously?? What crazy person does that?)   I have smaller goals set in place leading me up to the main goal.  While Mary was still in town, we were training buddies, but alas, she has moved to Memphis.  I do have to say, it is a lot harder to run by yourself.  I'm definitely getting some serious "me time" on these runs.  It's getting time to update the ipod shuffle, because honestly Justin Timberlake and Jonezetta aren't cutting it anymore. 

First up:

I am really excited about it!  By this point, we will be running over 3 miles, but it will be a great start!  Mainly, I'm excited to get to see Memphis friends - going to make a weekend of it!  I wonder how many Elvis impersonators we will see that day?!


The Vulcan Run 10k Run in Birmingham, AL
November 6

So their website wouldn't let me copy the logo - boo. But this run I am particularly excited about.  I know this map is a little small, but if you know Birmingahm, you'll see the course goes RIGHT by our old apartment on 5 points, and it also goes right through where I used to run in Birmingham-- through Rushton, Rhodes, and Caldwell Parks.  Rhodes was my particular favorite because it was the dog park. Jesse and I used to sit and watch the doggies play and imagine about the day we would bring our dog here.  Caldwell was where we kicked off March for Babies.  I just might cry when I get to that point in the run. At this point in our training, we will be running more than 6.whatever miles, but it should still be a challenge since Bham is notoriously hilly.  Looking at the map, it should be a pretty fun run!

Final Race:

As I said before, I cannot imagine this day.  But I am really looking forward to crossing this finish line!  And it is the day before my 24th birthday, so that will be fun!  This all begins and ends in Memphis.  

Honestly, the reason I wanted to blog about this tonight is because I needed some motivation for my run in the morning.  This whole experience will be the most physically challenging thing I have ever done, and I am really enjoying it. I have run one 5k so far - last October with Laura Zumwalt and had a blast:

I tried another 5k last November, but my knee gave me problems, so I had to walk most of it.  Thankfully, my Aleve regimen has been working, so no knee problems yet!  Keeping my fingers crossed. That would be a huge bummer.

Alright, well I'm getting up at 5:30 in the morning for my run.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck with your half marathon. I bet the crowd in Memphis will keep you going. They can be so much fun. I had knee problems training for the Chicago marathon (fun, but never to be done again; half marathons are much better!!) - I highly recommend a patella band.