Husband. Puppy. Wedding. Moving.

Wow, I have so much to blog about, I don't even know where to start!  This past week has been amazing with so much going on.  I guess I'll start with what happened first.  Jesse was due to come home on Friday, July 30 but surprised me by calling at lunch on Thursday to say that he was headed home!  He got off work early in Asheville on Thursday.  Last week I felt like Friday would NEVER come, so I was so excited to receive the good news!  Jesse's homecoming was already special to me but to make it even better, he was able to meet up with Kristian to pick up our puppy (a day early)! We were thankful since our plans changed so last minute.  Around 9:30 that night, I got two of the best things in the world -- my husband home for good and our dog. (Big news! - at least to us.... our puppy slept through the night (and has every other night since).  We were totally expecting to be up with a barking puppy multiple times through the night.)  If you are wondering why I keep calling her our puppy and not by her name, its because she didn't have a name at this point!

As exciting as all of this is, the story doesn't stop here!  Jesse, Laura, the pup, and myself  loaded up the car on Friday and headed to Jackson for Anna and John's wedding weekend.

What a reunion!  We spent Friday evening rehearsing, eating, toasting the couple, and looking forward to their wedding day!

Saturday morning came earlier than expected with a puppy cry at 6:30 am.  Jesse took her outside and then went to speak to my dad, who was fishing in the backyard.  She laid down on the seawall for a good ole' scratch - but little did she know when she leaned back to scratch, she fell in the lake! Jesse said she popped right up and just started swimming!  That's a lab for ya, I guess. :) We decided to give her her first bath after this incident.... but as much as she enjoyed the water in the lake, she wasn't too fond of the water in the sink. haha  At least she smelled good and clean afterwards - and was in a TOTAL cuddling mood, which I LOVE.

Not too long after all of this, I headed to Byram to continue celebrating Anna!!! (Jesse stayed at my parents and did manly things, like chop down a tree. :) ) The bridesmaids luncheon was wonderful and the food was amazing! After we stuffed our faces, the girls went to Anna's house to hang out before it was time to get ready....which came before we knew it! I so loved this time... getting to hang out with great friends and prepare for one of our best friend's special day. Anna looked stunning and incredibly happy. The wedding was beautiful and the reception so much fun!  I'm super jealous because they are spending the week in the British Virgin Islands... you'll see what I'm doing this week very soon.   Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Clemmer!

The puppy finally got named on Sunday morning  ---- MAGGIE!  It was so nice to actually call her a name, instead of "here puppy!"  Sunday was another early morning for us, due to Mags, but she is totally worth it.  We loaded the car again and headed back to Starkville.  My parents followed us home to help us start packing, because we are MOVING into a house this weekend!

This week has been crazy, trying to work, finish up my summer term class, potty train a puppy, hide a puppy (bc we aren't supposed to have one in our current place), spend time with Jesse, stay on my running schedule, pack, and check about a million things off our list that you get to do when you move...

Maggie goes to the vet in the morning for her 9 week shots. Then we will contine the packing process!  We are treating ourselves to a rest night tomorrow night- dinner and a movie (Inception) with friends, while Maggie gets to meet a new friend - Lucy!  Sara Renfroe and Lucy are puppy-sitting (again, since we aren't supposed to have a puppy at our current place - we were afraid to leave her for fear of barking).  I know they are going to have so much fun together.  First puppy playdate of many with Lucy!

Friday will be the last day of packing before the big move Saturday am.  Jesse's family is coming up to help us move, so the extra hands will be much appreciated!  I'm guessing my next post will be when we are settled! Better go to bed since it is now..... oh hello, midnight.

Drowning in boxes,
The Englishes


  1. Man exciting lives Englishes! I am jealous that you guys were able to see Anna get married. I pray that the puppy and the rest of life turns out great. Enjoy spending time with those people in Starkville(because you already know that it won't last forever). Miss you guys. Be blessed.

  2. I want to eat that puppy.... but in a "that's so cute I could just eat it" kind of way, not a "I'm super creepy and like to eat puppies" kind of way.