I love to cook because...

As many of you know, I LOVE to cook. I love to have people over and feed them. I love to try new recipes with Jesse. I love to get a new cookbook and work my way through it. Why then, have I not had the desire AT ALL to cook this past month?? Am I tired of it? Am I sick of my kitchen? What is going on?

I have been asking myself these questions recently... and tonight I discovered the answer. I was standing over the skillet cooking squash and zuchinni, with fish in the oven and it hit me:

I love cooking because I love Jesse.
I love cooking because I love my friends and family.

I love cooking because I love to share something that I have made with the people that I love. It is hard to motivate myself to want to cook when it is only for myself...

However, Jesse is coming to see me this weekend!!!!!!!! He will be here Thursday night-Sunday afternoon and I am so excited I can't stand it. Only 3 more days! I miss him so much and am so ready for him to be home for good. We've made it a month.... 2 more to go. Thanks for everyone who is praying for us and helping keep me busy while he is gone. It means so much to me. Love you all!


  1. You can cook for me anytime. Just sayin'. :)
    Love you and I'm so glad Jesse gets to come home this weekend!

  2. AC that is EXACTLY how I feel about cooking too. There's just no point when the ones you love aren't there to enjoy it! Family and friends and my "cravings" are the reasons I love it. I hope you're doing ok with Jesse gone.. Sounds like you are!