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So, as many of you know, Jesse is in the area of Boone/Blowing Rock, North Carolina for the summer working for the National Park Service at the Moses Cone Memorial Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We went to move him in this weekend and get him all settled. The house felt like it had a layer of dust over everything, and dead bugs and cobwebs in every corner, so we immediately started cleaning! With a little Clorox and elbow grease, we got the place looking good.

The weekend was really good....went to the farmers market in Boone, took a long walk on the trails on the property, and just enjoyed having time to spend together... but Sunday came a little too soon and was harder than we thought it would be. I guess we never really truly realized how close we have gotten (through the everyday things) and how our love for each other has grown until the time came for us to be apart. I did NOT want to get on that plane. I'm so thankful for him and couldn't imagine my life without him. Thank you so much to everyone that has been and is praying for us through this time. I know it is going to be hard, but it is going to go by fast! Already counting the days til we get to see each other. (only 10!)

Make sure to follow his blog this summer http://jrenglish.tumblr.com/ as he updates about everything from his world! He just did a post about where he is living. Check it out!!!

Anyways, enough of all that mushy stuff, right? Time for some pictures.

About a week and a half before he left, I came home to a wonderful surprise. I had been in Jackson for work and came home a little earlier than I had told Jesse. When I got to our apartment, I couldn't find him anywhere inside (not that it is very big!) and was confused... I walked into the kitchen and noticed that something was going on outside on the patio. I opened the door to plants everywhere! He was in the middle of sawing and drilling and was covered in dirt and sweat. He was upset that I got home early, because he was planning to surprise me with a brand new patio garden! Oh well, the time issue didn't ruin ANYTHING! I immediately ran upstairs, called my mom to tell her, and changed clothes so I could help him finish. I was so excited!

We have wanted to do something out there for a while (if you've seen our patio, you know it isn't much) but Jesse never had the time... which is the exact reason he did it for me. He apologized for how busy this semseter has been, and how he wouldn't be around much this summer, so he wanted to do something special for me. So sweet!

Here are some pics:

Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoy the real thing!

This is a busy week, then I am SO looking foward to Rebecca Warden and Brian Page's wedding this weekend! I can't believe it is here. I love you two so much and am so excited to spend this happy day with you! Pictures from their big day soon to come.


  1. AC! That patio is COVERED IN FLOWERS!! Oh my gosh I'm coming over to see it for myself when we get back! I absolutely love it! We can spend some summer nights back there! Love you so much!

  2. Also, did you move your herbs to those glass medicine jars? Because I love them! Where did you find those?

  3. We moved the herbs you gave us to the outdoor garden and put some new ones inside. Those are just some glass jars that Jesse found at Wal-Mart. I just LOVE how it looks!