We are smack dab in the middle of working on the house, so I thought I should take a sec to post the before pictures! 

View from the front door into the entry and living room:

View from the living room into the dining room, which the previous owner used as an office and for Popeye the Sailor Man paraphernalia found in several of the rooms. 


Master bedroom and bathroom:

This will be the boy's bedroom. Note more Popeye things. I didn't get a picture of the other bedroom, but it's pretty much the same as this one. Also didn't get a guest bathroom pic. 


Backyard deck:

So, there it is! 

List of updates:
  • Remove all popcorn ceilings.
  • Prime and paint all ceilings.
  • Remove wallpaper in laundry.
  • Remove wall separating the dining room and kitchen.
  • Widen opening from the dining room and the living room.
  • Remove carpet, kitchen flooring and entry wood.
  • Paint all molding.
  • Paint all rooms. 
  • Put in new hardwood floors. 

Eventually we plan to paint the cabinets in the kitchen, but we won't have time to do it before we move in. 

We closed on May 26 and have to be out of our apartment by June 30. This is a busy, busy month as we are doing all of the work ourselves. Our team: Jesse, his dad, his mom, me, my mom, and my dad. We are all pitching in to get the job done. The moms are mostly helping by taking care of our boys (which is HUGE!), but they have certainly put in their time with paint brushes and rollers! Jesse and his dad are the masterminds behind all things construction and my dad is the master painter and list maker. Me? I'm helping by doing a little bit of it all! My parents will be leaving next week and are taking our boys with them so we can finish up the house, pack, and move without two little toddlers to take care of. 

We absolutely couldn't do this without the help of our parents and we are so, so thankful for them. Check back soon for updates!


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