I came to this blog the other day to look up a recipe and realized it has been over a year since I posted! Really, since Sam has been born. I guess I've had "my hands full" as people like to say to me a lot. I started looking back at all of the memories on here and I want to keep it up. Here's the most recent picture of my boys (now 3 and 19 months) on our trip to Asheville, North Carolina last weekend.

Funny that the last post was announcing that we were moving to Tallahassee, Florida. What a year here it has been! At first it was hot and lonely. But I learned from moving to DC that when moving to a new place, you have to just put yourself out there somehow. Now I find myself with playdates, girls nights out, a supper club, a church, a new business, and a new home! That's right! We closed this week on our first home.

Before I tell you about this house, I first need to tell you that a few months ago, we thought we might be leaving Tallahassee. Jesse was offered another job with the Forest Service in Olympia, Washington. It was so hard to know what to do. The pacific northwest is such a beautiful part of the country and offers so much towards Jesse's passions and career. We really loved our time in Oregon and knew that life in Washington could be incredible. After a lot of thinking, praying, and deep soul searching, we decided we are staying put for a little while. It means so much to be close to family while our boys are so young. Jesse has so many opportunities to do great things with his career here. We were brought here for a reason. The day will come when we leave Tallahassee, but for now, this is our home and we are really excited about it!

So, yeah! Once we decided we were staying, we hit the ground running looking at houses because our apartment lease is up at the end of June. We looked at several houses, put offers on multiple places, and eventually found the house for us! We closed on Tuesday and have hit the ground running with updates! We have a long list of things to do and will be checking them off as time goes by. I'm excited to post about our projects here. I went to a playdate with moms and kiddos in the neighborhood and they were all awesome. I am so excited to make this place home.

And yes, I did say a new business! If you go back and read this post, you'll see how much it meant to have a doula at Sam's birth. Becoming a doula was a thought that I couldn't shake and in October, I acted on it! I attended my DONA birth doula training in New Orleans. Since then, I have been honored to serve as a doula to multiple mamas, and am finishing my requirements for certification with DONA. If you are interested in having a doula at your birth, or know of someone who might be, I would love to talk more about it! I'm very excited about serving women and families during pregnancy and childbirth. Check out my site: www.adirabirth.com

So, there's an update on the English family. Lots of exciting things that we are very thankful for. Here's to posting more often!


  1. I was looking at your header and realized all of those pictures are from your house in Starkville! You need to get a new kitty now. Rest in peace, Jack and Roubidoo....or where ever you are.

  2. We do need a new outdoor kitty! And I guess I need to update my header since life has changed a bit. :)

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