Yay for Blogsy!

We recently bought an iPad, which I LOVE, but I was having a hard time uploading photos to the blog on it... Until now! I finally wised up and bought the Blogsy app, from which I am making my first post. Liking it so far!

I can't blame it all on the iPad, though. It's easy to let things slip by when a baby takes over your life. No, we don't want Turner to completely change our lives, but babies do have a tendency of shaking things up a bit.

I know I said I would post my favorite baby items, but then I realized most of you could probably care less about that... I think I was going to do that because that's what it seems like "you do" after having a baby. Sorry. I've been reading too many "mommy blogs"! Forgive me! I'll try to keep the baby stuff to a minimum.

As we prepare for our move, we've been looking at everything in our house and deciding what we want to take with us and what we can live without. I mean, who wants to move books you don't like or clothes you don't wear? We've sold my car, my computer, my camera...Wait, why are we selling all of MY things? Because we don't really need two of things.

Except for toothbrushes...you need two toothbrushes Lilly and Marshall! Sorry, I've been watching way too much How I Met Your Mother.

Ok, back on track. In a city (and with Jesse riding the Metro to and from work), we simply don't need two cars. Even this past month that we've been living with one in Starkville it hasn't been bad at all.

My MacBook is currently listed on eBay. As I said, we recently bought me an iPad, so I don't need my laptop anymore...especially when I can use Jesse's on the few occasions I need a real computer.

Before selling my camera, we had 3 plus our phones and my iPad. We could probably stand to say goodbye to another.

We've gone through our closets and our bookshelves producing huge garbage sacks of items for the Palmer Home...we are selling Jesse's PlayStation and Guitar Hero...we have a speaker and a broken record player we need to get rid of. We still need to go through the boxes under our beds, our kitchen cabinets, and a few other places, but we just want to simplify. We want the move to be a fresh start. I'm excited about it! It feels great to clean out and get rid of...it honestly feels like losing weight!

However, there is one temporary addition to our house that we are excited about... We have baby birds! A momma bird chose one of our bedroom windows to have her babies. She's a smart one too, because the nest is in between the screen and window, with a small cut out for her to fly in and out of. Far away from cats, snakes, and other predators, and we love it! We find ourselves coming to watch them when we hear them chirping. We were wondering... Do baby birds instinctively know to keep quiet when momma is away, or does mom have to teach them that? We like to think that momma bird tells them that. We're excited to have such a close view of watching these birds grow. We really hope we're home to watch them learn to fly!

What steps have you made to simplify your life? I want to hear from my readers!



  1. You should make that list anyways...I'll need it in a few years :)

    Go you on simplifying! I do that every time we move and when we're in one place for longer than 6 months, I start to go through things as if I were moving anyways...ha! We have an abundance of books as well, many of which need to find a new home! So excited to meet Turner this summer before you head off on your big adventure!

  2. Your blog is precious! And I love the HIMYM reference... I have been used that particular toothbrush reference way too many times! Good episode...
    Joe and I did the same thing when we got married. 1 Car, 1 Camera, smaller wardrobe to fit in our baby apartment closests... it's a good feeling getting rid of things and learning to share everything with your spouse! I'm glad it is working out for you guys!