He's Employed!

Although we are eagerly awaiting the arrival this baby, the English family got some very unexpected news today! Jesse got a JOB! He had an interview this afternoon with the US Forest Service.  We were very excited about this position he was being interviewed for, but never expected them to OFFER HIM THE JOB today! So, after he finishes out the semester and graduates, the Englishes are moving to Washington D.C.!    

When he was laid off 3 years ago, we had no idea what our future held.  Being 5 months into marriage, the "honeymoon" ended quickly and we had to deal with a very serious reality of what would happen next for us.  After applying for jobs and interviewing only to be told no, we made the decision to come back to Starkville for Jesse to get his masters degree and "wait out" the state of the economy.  It is so incredible to see the Lord's timing through all of this.  I was able to get a great job that I LOVE (and DONT want to leave...ugh) and Jesse has been excelling through his master's program. He loves the field of landscape architecture and couldn't imagine himself doing anything else now. When we found out we were pregnant back in June, we found ourselves again in a place where we were questioning the Lord's plan for our lives and again had to deal with what would happen next for us.  The past 9 months have been a big time for us to trust the Lord.  Little did we know that the day before this baby is due that Jesse would have a job lined up that would provide for our family in amazing ways.  Praise be to God!  

He is signing the official paperwork and then they will figure out a start date, but it won't be until sometime in June most likely.  We are SO excited, but it is bittersweet.  We have LOVED our time in Starkville and I love my job and coworkers and can't imagine leaving them.  We have been so blessed through the extra 3 years we've had in Starkville.  We can only trust that the Lord will provide for all of our my fears that come with this move... big city, far from home, with a 4 month old... but if we have learned anything over the past 3 years, its that we are not in control of our lives...

...so.... Come on, Baby Turner! Tomorrow is your day! We are ready for you!!!


  1. Don't forget the part that you get to STAY AT HOME WITH YOUR BABY! Huge!!! Congratulations, Jesse!

  2. Oh my gosh how exciting and nerve-wracking... but in a FUN way!! You can do it!! Congrats!

  3. So exciting!! I know you're mid-delivery as we speak so huge congratulations! We aren't too far from DC and can be there in a weekend if you ever need anything or feel overwhelmed when you get there with a tiny kiddo!!! Lots and lots of congratulations all around!!! We are so excited for you guys!

  4. Not sure if you remember Jordan Covington, but she and her husband Ben Woodrick live in DC. They have been there for several years, thought it might be good for you to have a "local" friend.

  5. Thanks so much! We will definitely need friends nearby. :)