Baby Shower

Week 38 has arrived, but baby Turner has not decided that he is ready to enter the world quite yet! I really can't believe that I am just 2 weeks away from my due date of February 22!  I am technically full term, so he could come any day now, but the doc thinks I will make it to the due date.  We go back to the doctor on Thursday and I'm excited to get an update!  I have been having some contractions here and there, my lower back hurts really bad at the end of the day, and sleeping is getting hard...but other than that I'm feeling pretty good, as good as you can in the last few weeks. If I'm sitting for any period of time, you can usually find my heating pad on my lower back to relieve the back pain.  Jesse has to help me up from time to time and help with my shoes...he has been such a trooper recently, especially when I randomly get emotional...sometimes it is for a legit reason, and others for no real reason at all. Fun, huh?  

When we were in Memphis for Jill and Alan's wedding a few weekends ago, we stayed with our good friends Casey and Laura Zumwalt.  We are always so blessed by their friendship and had the best time with them.  That weekend they were so sweet to offer to take some maternity shots for us.  It's been about...oh 3 years since we have had our picture taken by professionals, so it was really fun to go out for a shoot!  Especially when it is with good friends!  We decided to walk around Rhodes College in Memphis for the shoot.  What a beautiful place! These pictures will be so special to us for years and years to come, as they were taken exactly one month before Turner's due date.  Here's a sneak peak and we can't wait to see the rest!

The very next weekend, 6 of my sweet friends hosted a shower for baby Turner in Starkville!  It was so great to see so many friends and celebrate this baby boy!  He is certainly loved by so many who are anxiously awaiting his arrival.  We have been so blessed through our friendships and everyone's excitement for our new little family.  He is the first baby in our friend group, so we are all excited and a little freaked out that we are getting to his age.  I keep telling everyone that Turner will need friends, so I'm excited to see who all will be next!!!  Lindsay Warden is already on board.  :)

The shower was at Mrs. Debbie Cooper's house.  Mrs. Debbie will be made a grandmother in July, so she thought my shower would be the perfect excuse to get her crib ready for her little grandbaby.  :)  What a perfect place to put the presents as they arrived!  So creative!

A candy pacifier tree!

Kaylan Duggar and Rachel Brocato

Elizabeth Blaine and Mary Renfroe

Emily Vanderpool and Abby Spann

Ashley Powell and Margaret Claire Walker

Kate Sherrard, Debbie Cooper, Leah Power, and Lindsay Warden (+Baby Everett)

Laura Tennant, yours truly, and Naron Brister

My wonderful hostesses!  Kaylan Duggar, Kelley English, Lindsay Warden, Rachel Brocato, Mary Renfroe, and Laura Tennant.  I can't thank yall enough for taking the time to put on this shower.  It was such a blessing!

Turner got some adorable outfits, homemade blankets, books, a diaper bag, and his carseat, just to name a few things!  He is set!  One of my favorite things from the shower were all the sweet messages for baby Turner.  Each guest was asked to fill out one of these cards:

Kelley is making a scrapbook with all of the sheets that were filled out.  Even my niece, Ashlyn, filled one out.  Some of hers made me laugh... "I hope you learn to do gymnastics." "I hope you laugh at funny jokes."  "I hope you never forget that you like me." "I hope you become a salesman."  

We sent some home for our dads, brothers-in-law, and nephews to fill out.  Jesse and I filled out ones of our own after the shower, and man that was pressure! It made us realize how much of a role we will be playing in making these wishes come true.  One of my favorites was Jesse's last one, which said "I hope you grow old with someone you love."  Melt my heart.  

So, 2 weeks to go!  Our emotions are all over the place, but we are so thankful to have each other and the support from all of our friends and family.  Please pray for the three of us as we get ready for Turner's arrival!  Love you all!


  1. Well first off, you are so gorgeous. Simply radiant :)

    The shower looks like a blast! Wish I could've been there with you all!
    And I'm considering lil' Everett to be my contribution to Turner's friends, because I need to let you all learn the ropes so you can teach me later... haha! Love you! Praying for you!

    PS-our friends are gorgeous.

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous baby shower it was. I am super impressed with these brilliant photos. Even we have been planning to host a grand party for our sister. She is going to be blessed with twins after 12 years of her wedding. Would prefer hosting really special pearl themed party so thinking to book one of the most suitable Chicago venues for that.