Big News x 2!

1.  Well, here we are at week 36 and we have decided on a name and want to share it with the world!  Originally we had planned to wait until Baby E was born to reveal his name, but we can't hold it in any longer.  Drumroll please.....

Turner Marion English

The funny thing is... all of my coworkers have been calling him Turner all along because that was their favorite of our name choices.  Little have they known that they have really been calling him by his name the whole time.

Both "Turner" and "Marion" are family names on Jesse's side.  We discovered "Turner" at a family reunion this summer in a family geneology book and really liked it.  "Marion" was Jesse's grandfather's middle name, whom he was named after.  Originally, I thought Marion was a girl name (bc I knew a girl named Marion) until Kyle Lynch corrected me by saying that Marion is actually John Wayne's real name.  Ok. Kyle wins. Marion is a guys' name.

We are so excited for Turner to get here!  I go to the doctor Thursday, my final nursing class is Thursday night, my friends are throwing a baby shower this Saturday (!), then our final childbirthing class is Monday night.  So, anytime after Monday, we are ready for Baby Turner to get here!  Or, so we think.  I'm not sure if you are ever ready for a baby, but we are definitely excited to become parents!

2.  We found out today that Jesse got Finalist for Presidential Management Fellows (PMF)!  This is a program that takes graduate students and accelerates their experience in order for them to take on leadership/management roles more quickly in the federal government...sort of like injecting young blood into the higher ranks...which we all know would be good for everybody.  There were originally 9,000 applicants, which were then cut down to 1,200, and then 600 of these were named as finalists.  These cuts were made from a test and an interview process.  I am SO PROUD of Jesse for being named Finalist!  What does that mean for us? This will open up many doors for him in applying for jobs.  He would love to go into public service (with the National Park Service, Forest Service, or another agency like that), so this opportunity (hopefully) allows him a much greater chance of getting a position with one of these agencies.

This has been a long road from the day he applied and got nominated back in early fall, but so rewarding.  We are so thankful to the Lord for providing this opportunity to us.  We have learned a lot about trusting God in a time where we want to be in control of our future.  We are excited to see what doors this opens up to our new little family!

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