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Here we are at week 34 as well as mine and Jesse's 3rd wedding anniversary.  I can't believe it.  For those of you who aren't up on the weeks of pregnancy, 40 weeks is full term, but they say any time from 36 or 37 weeks on, it is ok to have the baby. Let's be honest, unless you have been pregnant or are currently pregnant, the weekly count can be annoying. I remember having to do the math in my head to figure out how many months that means.  My doctor says that I am still right on track for my due date of February 22, so most likely we have 6 more weeks to go! So for those of you who prefer counting in months, I am 2 weeks away from being 8 months preggers. I need to take some pictures so everyone can see the baby bump, which is more like a basketball these days.

It's crazy while being pregnant, how easy it can be to give in to all of the marketing of baby products.  It's like they make you think that if you don't buy ALL of these things for your baby, then you aren't being a good parent or you aren't providing for your child.  We have had to take a step back and think about our wants and our needs.  Do we really need all of these things?  The question we try to ask ourselves is, "Did our grandmothers need this?"  If the answer is no, then we usually feel that we don't either.  Granted, there are definitely a few things, thanks to technology that we definitely want and will probably purchase, but overall we are trying to keep it simple.  I have a feeling that this is something we will have to remind ourselves about for the rest of our children's lives... and our own for that matter! 

We are getting very excited and anxious about the arrival of this baby bundle!  "The Lodge" (which is what we sometimes call our guest room at the "English Bed and Breakfast") has now been turned from guest room/Jesse's office to baby room/guest room!  My parents came in town last weekend to bring the goodies!  Our main goal with the nursery was to reuse things that we already had. The only thing that was bought was the glider and the bedding (thanks Mom and Dad!).  The crib was mine as a baby, the chest of drawers were at my parents house and the changing table is my grandfather's desk.  The window above the crib was picked up 2 years ago for free and the curtains and lamps were already in the room. There are a few more things to go on the walls, but the room is mostly done!  (And yes, the guest bed is still in here in case anyone wants to come visit!)

Here is a little sneak peak of his room! Maggie wanted to be in some of the pictures.. really, I couldn't get her to move.  :)  She has been extra clingy to me recently... we think she knows.  She will be a great big sister. These two will grow up together! 

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Love, love, love, love love! I cannot wait to meet Baby English, and the room looks great!