Spring has Sprung!

I do NOT want this weekend to end!  It has been incredible - the weather, the food, the projects... all of it. Thursday night Jesse and I grilled these AMAZING kabobs - we might start getting "kabobed out", but they are such an easy, delicious way to grill.

Friday night, Jesse and I went out for our 3rd Friday night in a row.  Must be our new date night?  We went bike shopping... looking at a Trek Skye S for me.  Anyone know anything about this bike?  Jesse has had a Trek for about 4 years now and has had no problems with it at all and still loves it.  We want to start riding together - especially in this beautiful weather!  Speaking of beautiful weather, we did some "window shopping" at Lowes garden center and then ended up at Bin 612 for dinner and it was great!  We both got a house salad (simple but deelish) and split a pizza.   For real.... one of my favorite places in Stark.  I just LOVE sitting on the patio area, watching people walk by, and enjoying good food with my love. Doesn't get much better than that, folks.  

Chirping birds and sunshine woke us up Saturday morning.  We made fresh smoothies and omelettes, then made our way to the Co-Op and then back to Lowes.  The rest of the day was dedicated to being outdoors!  I had some projects for myself - window boxes and hanging baskets for the front porch:

I just love pretty flowers.  Excited for the flowers in the hanging basket to grow, bloom, and start trailing over the sides.  This definitely freshened up the front of our house! We have some more flowering projects planned for the yard and I can't wait for all the blooms this summer.  Flowers in a vase are a great surprise, but I love a yard FULL.  The veggies in the back are growing each day.  It's really fun to watch things grow from seed!  

We had some friends over Saturday night for Dennis's birthday.  Turkey burgers, grilled corn, sweet potato fries and a salad. Followed by homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yum.  

Today has been very relaxing.  Breakfast at Shipleys and then I finished an ongoing project - The English Family Cookbook, complete with photos from all of the kitchens we have cooked in since we got married.  I don't want this weekend to end.  Church tonight, then on to finishing up some homework and then getting the week started tomorrow.  We're headed to the beach this coming weeked for the wedding of Christin Davis and Brandon Taylor!  


  1. Oh how I miss the English house! Your flowers look great :) I planted some too, but the wind blows here so much (and so strong!) that I can't do hanging baskets...they'd fly off! Miss you...

  2. I love your porch plants! So charming!