Tiny Kitchen and Kitties

This post is dedicated to my two favorite tiny things in my house that start with "K".  Ok, not really, but I did want to share some pictures with you!  We've been in our house since August and I still haven't really posted any pictures of the place.  Here is our tiny little kitchen.  We almost didn't move into this house because we didn't know if the kitchen was big enough.  Surprisingly, this has become one of our favorite rooms in the house!  Jesse and I both love to cook and share food with friends and family, and this is where all the magic happens.  We LOVE our gas stove and will NEVER go back to electric unless we just have to.  We also love our little indoor herb garden that hangs in the window.  It was a stretch to find a "home" for everything (only one drawer and limited cabinet space), but with Jesse's handyman skills and my organizational skills, it works.  

This picture is a little dark, but wanted you to see the cool way Jesse hung our indoor herb garden.  We have a larger one outside, but wanted to bring some herbs inside for the winter.  We love cooking with fresh herbs.  

Due to lack of cabinet space, we have our plates "restaurant style" as I call it, on open shelving. 

Now, for the other thing in the house that starts with a "K"... our kitties!  I figured I would give them one last post before the lady of the house returns.  Kelley and I are headed to the Chattanooga area on Friday to get Mags! I am so excited to have her home from obedience training.  But until then, Roobidoo and Jack:

Daily Schedule:
chase each other
patrol the house
and sleep some more

Most of the pictures I have of the cats are of them sleeping, since that is mostly what they do all day!  One of my favorite things about them is that they usually sleep in a ball together.  I'm still not sure if I would call myself a cat person, but they are growing on me.  Except for breaking our full length mirror, filling up the litter box, waking us up occasionally at night, and walking all over us while on the couch, they are pretty cool cats (ha) and are generally self-sufficient.  We can't wait to see how they are once a 8 month fun-loving lab enters their domain!

Enjoy and Goodnight!


  1. They're so cute!! I love how they sleep! And my oh my is your kitchen clean! I miss you and being with you in that cute house!

  2. We have a tiny kitchen too, which most of the time makes me dream of the day we'll have a real kitchen.
    Bryan decided to run with me and we're on week 4! Up to 4 miles already!
    Thanks so much for the advice!