So this is the New Year


We are one week into 2011. Crazy, huh? Did you set any new years resolutions?  I sort of did.... to glorify God, to be a good wife, to be intentional in relationships, to work hard, to keep my house clean, to cook simple, local, and fresh (as possible), and of course to look and feel good. You know, just general things that I always want to be and do. My newest obsession of the year so far is the blog, www.simplemom.net.   Even though this blog is ideally for stay at home moms, there is still some great information for any woman who manages a home...and dont we all??? One post in particular that I enjoyed is this one:  http://simplemom.net/new-years-resolutions-2011/

If you get a second, I recommend printing the PDF that goes along with her new years resolutions post.  I'm (slowly) working through it, but I think it is great to sit down, reflect, and really answer questions honestly.  The point of this little worksheet that she provides to to set goals for yourself this year, not really resolutions. It goes through topics of personal growth, physical health, marriage and family life, goals for your children, money matters, and relationships outside the home. 

There's just something refreshing about the new year to me.  Right after Thanksgiving, I get so excited about decorating my house for Christmas and all of the craziness that goes along with the holidays, but there is something about packing it all up, cleaning your house, and getting started on a new year.  What are you looking for to get out of 2011?

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