Today is a good day.

Right now it is nap time at the English house and I'll admit that this is one of my favorite times of day. Is that bad to say? I absolutely love being home with Turner, but this is my "me" time. A chance to light a candle and relax, a time to catch up on some sleep, a chance to read a book or watch netflix, a chance to BLOG! Some days I will prep for dinner, clean, or do laundry... even though that may not sound like "me" time, I love checking things off the list, so it makes me happy.  Turner has been consistently napping from 1-4(ish) and I am LOVING it.  Really hoping this continues after his baby brother/sister is born... but yeah right, it's probably all going to change.

Today I am feeling rejuventated, optimistic, and refreshed.  Thursdays are such a treat for me because of my church small group bible study through Restoration.  We meet on Thursday mornings at a friend's home (with childcare provided!) so the moms can have a couple of hours to spend time together, take a deeper look at the passage that was preached on Sunday, and pray for one another. I am so encouraged, challenged, and blessed by this time and I learn so much from these women!

On our way home today Turner and I had a fun surprise lunch with one of my best friends here, Mickey and her son Dawson! Mickey is home from work today, so it was a real treat to get to hang out with them during the middle of the day.  I really do have the greatest group of friends here.  Over a year ago, I was really nervous to move to so far away from home, knowing no one, and being a stay at home mom to (at the time) a 4 month old.  It took some time, but I met one person, then another, and another and before I knew it I had this amazing support system of friends with kids.  Some days I feel guilty that Jesse is at work and I get to go spend our money (mainly at the grocery store...) and hang out with friends, but I am SO grateful for this wonderful community I have here.  Today is a good day.

Turner and Dawson hanging out at the playground.

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  1. Great picture of Turner and Dawson! I'm Heather and I was just wondering if you could answer my question I have about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)