Hello from Portland!

Hey guys!

We made it.  Whew.  That was a rough flight. The first hour and a half was wonderful... reading a book on the iPad while eating a fruit and cheese platter and drinking a sprite...sleeping baby in the carseat....I thought, "Ahh, this is nice. I can do this. I have such a great baby"... that is until said baby woke up and decided to whine about EVERYTHING for the next 3 hours. Then he SERIOUSLY needed a diaper change (that took 20 minutes to clean up in the tiny plane bathroom) and ended up forcing us to have a complete outfit change.  However, I will say he was quite the ham walking up and down the plane flirting with all of the passengers. We survived the last hour quite well thankfully, and I was so relieved when we landed at PDX and we got to see DAD! A 5 hour and 30 minute flight with a very mobile one year old ALL BY YOURSELF is not very fun, but we made it!

We have had an awesome time since arriving in Portland.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  Yes, it has rained a little bit every day, but it doesn't really bother us at all and it means you get to see pretty rainbows! Everything is GREEN. Flowers are blooming everywhere.  Everyone is out walking or biking.  The city has a very laid back, chill atmosphere and we are loving it! Everyone is so nice.

Jesse has about a 12 minute walk in the morning to the light rail, then about a 10 minute ride to his office.  Not a bad commute!  This morning, Turner, Maggie and I decided to accompany him on his walk.  It was very nice and felt great to get out early in the morning and get some exercise.  We loaded Turner up in the hiking pack and were on our way.

Here are some photos I took along the way.

I promise to keep the blog updated with all of our excursions here!  After Turner wakes up from his nap we are loading up the stoller and going exploring.  Hope you all have a great day!


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