Fall Break

I know, I know... it's been forever since I have blogged.  And by the looks of some friend's blogs, I'm not alone!  I guess this is just a really busy time for everyone.  I decided that a new design of the blog was in order, since it has been so long since I have really updated!  Hope you like.  :)

Tomorrow marks 1 month of working for Admissions. Where did this month go??? Oh, maybe to meeting with families, college fairs, private visits, Bulldog for a Day, and Preview Days.  I LOVE MY JOB.  I get to recruit students to come to MSU!  How could I not??  As a plus, I get to work with amazing people who make getting to work somedays at 6:30 totally fun and the families I meet totally make it worth it.  You better believe, though, when I get home, I don't really want to talk.  Ok, maybe you don't believe it, but its true!  After I have to talk and be peppy all day, sometimes I just want to sit... and rest my face... and my brain... and everything else.  Too bad training for a half marathon doesn't allow too much time for rest.  I'm either up before the sun, or spending every last bit of energy at the end of a day to get those miles in.

Jesse is still trudging along with grad school.... and is doing awesome!  He is always working on all of his projects, spending countless hours on his computer working on designs, and grading papers for his TA class. We still don't really get to see each other much these days, so our time together is so precious to me... I know that the Lord has a great plan for us and this stage of life that we are in is preparing us for it!

This past weekend + Monday and Tuesday was Fall Break for MSU (students).  Being an employee (and the fact that we had 1,400 people coming to a MAJOR recruiting event on Monday) I wasn't able to enjoy the last two days of said break.  Jesse, Kelley, Maggie, and I left at lunch on Friday to head to Marianna, FL for a way overdue visit with the English family.  Jesse, Kelley, and I enjoyed being able to relax with the family, watch some football, and eat some goooood food.  Maggie thoroughly enjoyed her weekend as well -- having the run of 50 acres with the "big dogs", getting dirty, digging holes, playing in the woods, hanging out on the front porch, and annoying the cats.  She must have thought she was in puppy heaven.  On Sunday, Nanny and PawPaw drove over from Molino to join the fun.  I hate that the long weekend was cut short due to my work, but it was a GREAT weekend, none the less.

Here are some pictures from the English Family Weekend!

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  1. Yes I am a blog-slacker as well. I think it's the fact that I now feel like I can survive outside without dying of heat exhaustion :) Ok love the pictures of the dogs antagonizing the cat--hilarious! Especially when Mags is licking her...too funny! Love the new family photo-you all look so great!