The Beginning

After much encouragement from friends, here I find myself starting my very first blog! I want to use this blog to post recipes, pictures and stories from our everyday lives. Most newlyweds start this right after the honeymoon, but I’m some 10 months late. Speaking of that, I can’t believe that Jesse and I have been married for almost 10 months. Crazy! It’s been a busy year for us.. so let me catch you up.

We were married on January 10, 2009 at First Presbyterian Church in Starkville. We spent the next week in beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; relaxing and exploring! The week quickly came to an end as we borded the plane and headed to Birmingham, Alabama. Jesse went back to work at Brasfield & Gorrie and I started my first job with the March of Dimes. The next 5 months were full of thank you notes, laundry, looking for a puppy and making Birmingham our home.

Little did we know that the plans we were making would be shifted to a new town. In June, Jesse was laid off of his job due to the economy, and we found ourselves depending on the Lord and each other in ways we never had before. After much prayer and patience, Jesse decided to go back to Mississippi State to get his Masters degree in Landscape Architecture and I was blessed with an amazing job with the MSU Extenstion Service! We found an apartment, sold his truck, finished out our lease in Birmingham, and moved back to Bulldog Country.

The past 3 months have been amazing. We love being back in Starkville… Jesse is excelling in his graduate program, and I am still loving my job. One of our favorite things is having a place to entertain friends and host guests on the weekends (especially during football season). :) We are so blessed and happy with where we are and are so excited to see what is to come over our next 2 1/2 years in Starkville.

Enjoy the photos!

The Wedding

The Honeymoon

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